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What are Google Rich Snippets?

I love to bake cookies and brownies so I was searching online for a cake pops recipe.  I saw them at Starbucks and I wanted to give them a try.   I just realized that when I did a search there were some results that had a star rating beside them.  How did they do that?  Because having the star rating really caught my attention and I was more likely to click on that search result over others.  See for example which one would you be more inclined to click?

Google is apparently incorporating rich data into it’s local search results.   It’s been happening for a while but I never really paid attention to them.  These attention grabbing additions in the Google search are called Google Rich Snippets.   They give additional meaning to your review pages and help generate more traffic to your website.   These work for restaurant listings, recipe pages, event listings, product reviews, hotel reviews, and the list goes on.

Google does go on to note that having Google Rich Snippets does not improve your website ranking in any way.  It just provides users who search for something an easier way to compare which result to click on.  I know that if I see that this particular result has definite results and ratings, I attach a certain amount of trust and level of success towards that result.  I am therefore more inclined to click on it.

Go on – do a google search for a local restaurant in your area and you will see Google Rich Snippets working away.

The question is – How do I add Google Rich Snippets to my WordPress website?

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