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How to Host Multiple Websites or Domains Under One Account

I have a big confession to make.  I’m seriously obsessed with purchasing domain names.  The number of domain names that I own now overshadows the number of shoes I have.    That’s something serious since my shoe closet is quite big.   I also do things with my other websites so it would get expensive if I had to purchase webhosting for each domain name I buy and want to develop on.   But I’ve managed to keep my costs low.  You want to know how?  I purchase webhosting that offers unlimited domain hosting.   My costs are basically cost of webhosting for 1 domain + domain name registration costs of the other domain names that I purchase.     You must be thinking “What is she talking about ?!”

I’m talking about webhosting.  Look for a webhost provider that has “Unlimited Domain Hosting”.   If you own multiple domain names, you can host them all under one account without ever purchasing another webhosting account again.

I recommend these webhosting companies:

1. Right now has a sale for 40% off  their webhosting which makes it only $56/year.  I think this is a steal.  With your purchase of hosting from them, you also get 1 free domain name, host unlimited domain names, unlimited disk space, unlimited email addresses, unlimited MYSQL databases, unlimited bandwidth, 24×7 support, $125 in advertising credits, install Wordpress / Joomla for free, a 30 day money back guarantee and so much more features.  Check out now.

2. I fully recommend Dreamhost as well.   Their cost is a little bit pricier than  It costs about $107.40/year.   I joined a while ago with a discount and don’t feel like moving all my files over from here to  But Dreamhost has all the amazing features that has.  Dreamhost webhosting includes a free domain name, host unlimited domains, unlimited disk space, unlimited email addresses, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited MYSQL databases, host unlimited subdomains, amazing support, and so much more.  I think the only main difference is that is for users in the States and Canada only.  You can purchase Dreamhost from anywhere in the world.  Check out Dreamhost webhosting here.

I purchase a majority of my domain names from  If I use a special link it’s only $7.49/year for a domain name.    I found you the Godaddy $7.49 domain sale link – buy your domain name now.  It’s like buying candy!!

So in summary, just purchase a webhosting from (that includes a free domain name) and then purchase all the rest of your domain names from Godaddy.  You can then host all the domain names you purchased from Godaddy on your Fatcow webhosting account.  There are no extra fees or maintenance fees.  I’ve linked up my webhosting with domain name registrar (many times) before and it’s easy.  If you have questions let me know.

5 thoughts on “How to Host Multiple Websites or Domains Under One Account

  1. Hi may i know how do you host multiple domain as im having trouble trying to host a few domain name which i bought from godaddy. I’m using fatcow as my webhost, i did add on 5 domain name to fatcow but when i install wp on all five all of the domain seems to point to only 1 domain name? Would appreciate if you could lead me on the right direction here thank

    1. Hi Norswanday,
      I created a post for you on my other site with steps on how to host multiple domains with Fatcow and Godaddy. The post is here.
      Thanks for your visit,

      1. this doesnt answer our question. that’s the easy part, how can you edit the files to design and manage each domain separately without sub folders?

  2. I have this same problem. and when I created the subfolder ( the main domain name ( does not redirect to the file at all. so it looks like an unscripted blank site if the customer does not have the exact subfolder name. which is just stupid. separate domains names should mean separate root files, one for each. why make it sooo complicated?

    1. Hi Amielia,
      Yes. When I use dreamhost, Bluehist or Fatcow I do not create a subdirectory. Its in its own directoey.
      There are changes you need to change in you domain name registar as well. Did you change your nameservers as well? You should contact you webhosting for more help.
      Thanks for your help,

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