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How to Make your own Knowledge Base Website with WordPress WikiBase

Wikibase by Templatic

Note:  This theme is no longer available.  If you want to create a Knowledge Base System with Wordpress, I recommend iKnowledge Wordpress Theme.  Click here to see my post about iKnowledge.

Wikis used for training, knowledge management, or to set business processes in place help companies organize and document their process while promoting collaboration among employees.  A well built knowledge base will house all this information in a well organized fashion to enable employees to easily update the knowledge base and for others to quickly find solutions to their problems.  To build your own wiki or knowledge base website I would use Wordpress and install the Wikibase Wordpress Theme.  This is the most cost and time efficient way to start your own wiki site.  You don’t need to know any HTML, php or coding.  Click here for more details about the theme.

Wiki Kowledge Base Premium Theme

Features of the Wikibase Theme:

1.  5 different color schemes. I know this Wordpress template looks boring but it’s a knowledge base.  People don’t want to be bogged down by tons of pictures.  They want to find solutions/answers to problems/questions.  Saying that this theme comes in different colors – very light blue, light green, light purple, light brown and light red.

2.  featured articles. Some FAQ documents created in the knowledge base require special attention.  The featured articles are ones you believe add value to other employees/customers or are problems and solutions that require immediate attention.  You can set articles these articles to be Featured and they will show up at the top of the page highlighted ‘Featured’.

3.  FAQ counts. You can display your knowledge base or wiki stats.  On the front page you can show total number of articles, number of categories, and total comments.

4.  Handy sidebar. There’s a handy sidebar that pops up when you are viewing an article.   You can use the Article Tools to print, add comments, send or share to with a friend, you can “like” it and so much.

5.  Highlighted Article tab -You can view different tabs – featured articles, latest articles, popular articles, and recent comments.

6.  Advanced Search. There is live and advanced search functions.  You can get results as you type and you don’t even need to press enter.  It looks and functions exactly like Google Search.  Just type and you get results.  You don’t need to even refresh the page.

7.  Extensive Control Panel. From the backend control panel you can customize your logo, header and footer options, breadcrumb navigation, blog category, and modify color and theme skin.

Creating a knowledge base couldn’t be easier using this Wordpress template.  You can create your wiki page in minutes.   This template also has built in ad monetization, sliding category menu, widget ready with custom widgets and excellent support.  Click here to demo or download the template.

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