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How to Create a Yummy Food Blog Website

food blog Website – Delicious Magazine by WooThemes

Delicious Magazine is a great way to create your own food blog website.  Food blogging or restaurant food blogging is extremely popular.  How many times have you eaten at a restaurant and just wanted to rave about the dish you ate.  With the internet and the ease of making a blog, everyone now is a food critic or can be one.  I’m sure you also took millions of pictures food you ate at a restaurant, I know I have.   Reading food blogs help me pick out the restaurants to go to and which plate I want to order.    So it is important to create an attractive and appealing food blog or food critic website.   Delicious Magazine by WooThemes is the perfect Wordpress theme designed to create your yummy food blog.  It includes a featured post area that captivates the user with large images, and also a sub featured spotlight area that highlight top foodies in each category.   Click here for more details about Delicious.

Declicious Food Blog WordPress Theme
Delicious Magazine Food Blog Wordpress Theme

Features about the Food Blog Theme:

1. Featured Posts to highlight 3 food blog posts on your website.  This featured post section can be setup to have a slide, fade transition and also auto-rotate.   These features are controlled in your theme options panel.

2. Sub Featured posts section to highlight important posts in each category.  You also have an option to show your latest posts in a two-column layout on the homepage.

3. 9 different color schemes all customizable in your theme control panel.   You can modify your link and button colors as well.

4. Easily add buttons, boxes, social networking butts, columns and more to posts, pages and widgets by using custom shortcodes.

5.  Social networking integrated.  Easily add links to and from Facebook and Twitter.

6.  Show popular posts, latest posts, latest comments, and tags on the sidebar.

7.  The sidebar is completly configurable.  WooThemes always comes with custom Woo Widgets (Adspace Widget, Ad 125×125, Embed/Video, Flickr, Tabs, Subscribe/Connect, Search, Twitter Stream, Blog Author Info).

8.  Simple Food gallery.  You can display the pictures of the foods you took in a food photo gallery.  Once the user clicks on the picture it will take them to the post related to that food item.

9.  Auto creates a sitemap of your website.  You can either view the index of your content in a category/sub category view or view the content of your site in a timeline view.

All this food is making me hungry.  Time to make myself some dinner.  If you are interested in creating a food blog or food magazine review website this is the perfect option.  It’s clean, looks professional and fully customizable.  Being that the theme is for Wordpress, it automatically has excellent SEO.

Look into this food blog Wordpress Theme – demo the Delicious Magazine here or download it here from WooThemes.com.



  1. Ric Molin


    Nice article. I have started myself a blog about amateur restaurant reviews and so far, I’m not happy with restaurant related templates… They are mostly for restaurant owners, not reviewers!

    I will try this one and see if I can implement a rating system :S

    Cheers and thanks again!

    1. Elaine

      Hi Ric,
      I’m about to post a article on WordPress review themes I found online. They have a rating system installed too. But it’s true, you can use any WordPress theme and install the rating plugin which will ultimately convert your site into a rating and reviews website. You are on the right track. 🙂 let me know how it goes.
      Thanks for your visit,

    2. Elaine

      Hi Ric,
      I created a post about all the WordPress rating review themes I found. One in particular, the WordPress rating Reviews plugin will be helpful to you. It has tons of features so you can customize your rating and reviews. The post is here.

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