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Cost to Create a Book Club Website

Book Club Premium WordPress Theme by WooThemes

Starting an Online Book Club is very exciting.   It can be difficult to create a website for an Online Book Club but I can help you with that.  For me the hard part would be to actually finish a book that I start.  I tried to do the impossible by reading a book a week,  slowly it became book a month, and now it’s finish a book whenever I can.  But enough about me.  What are the costs involved in creating your own book club?  It will cost less than $300.  To me, getting a website up and running within a short amount of time, is the key.  With Wordpress and Premium Wordpress Book Club theme you can get your book club up and running within a day or less.  Because more time you spend on developing a website, the less money and members you will have on your site.  See features of the theme here.  See below the costs you will incur to create your own book club website.

Book Club Premium Wordpress Theme

1.  $56/year for Webhosting.  To start a website you need a domain name and webhosting.  I recommend purchasing webhosting from fatcow.com because it includes a free domain name.  You also get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, unlimited MYSQL databases, unlimited email addresses, host unlimited domains and more.  Currently Fatcow.com has a 40% discount which makes it so affordable.  I don’t know how long this sale will last so get it now.  Check out fatcow.com here.

2.  $0 for WordPress.  WordPress is completely free.  It’s an open source program and you can download it for free at WordPress.org.

3.  $220 for Wordpress Themes.   Ok so there are 2 ways you can purchase these themes.  Since the Book Club theme is a child theme you also need to purchase the Parent theme for it to work.    The two ways is if you purchase the child=$20 and parent=$200 theme separately, or if you want you can join the WooThemes Theme club = $125.   There are benefits to both, but if you are only interested in creating 1 website for a book club, purchasing the themes individually will be the best option.  This is because you can get lifetime theme updates.  Theme updates for example if there are bug fixes to your themes,  compatibility with new versions of WordPress and any new functionality they incorporate into the themes.   So you will automatically get those theme updates.    After you purchase these 2 themes, they totally belong to you, there is no monthly fee, lifetime support and lifetime theme upgrades.  Click here to purchase the child theme – Book Club.  Click here to purchase the parent theme – Listings.

If you join the WooThemes Theme club (click here for details), you have access to all the themes but then you will have to pay $15 monthly fee and you will not receive theme updates once your membership expires.  Although the theme club is a lot cheaper at $125, to maintain your book club website and to keep it working with any later version of WordPress, I do not recommend this option.

4.  –$150 in Advertising Credits.  To build up a successful book club you have to have traffic.  If you purchase your webhosting from fatcow.com, they give you $150 in advertising credits to use.  Breakdown is $75 to Google Adwords, $50 Facebook Ads, and $25 Yahoo/Bing Ad credits.  You also get a free listing on YP.com (Yellowpages).

Overall the cost to build your own book club website is (Webhosting + WordPress + WordPress Parent Theme + WordPress Child Theme) = $276.    If you incorporate the advertising credits you actually get to use with Google, Bing and Facebook , it’s ($276  + advertising credits) = $126.   So it will only cost you $126 to setup your own bookclub website.  I think this is totally worth it.

Click for webhosting at fatcow.com here.

Click for WooThemes Parent Theme – Listings here.

Click for WooThemes Child Theme – Book Club here.

Click to join the WooThemes Theme Club here.

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