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by Elaine on February 11, 2011

Sharklight Flipbook by Themeforest

Ok, at first I admit wasn’t too impressed by this Wordpress template.  On the frontpage slider there is a flash flipbook, you can actually see pages turn as you click on the next page arrow.  As I continued to play with the Wordpress theme I could see myself as a writer promoting my book or a wedding photographer creating a Wedding Portfolio for a client.   I could even download the book as a PDF.  I read through all the features this template had and it is amazing.  I want it for my website.  The Wordpress template is called “SharkLight” by Themeforest.  Click here for more details.

flipbook portfolio photography magazine Flipbook   Show off your Book, Portfolio, Magazine...

Flipbook Portfolio Photography Template

Features of the Flipbook:

1.  Multiple Flipbooks. You customize and create as many flipbooks as you want.  Place them as many times on a page as you want.  Imagine you can put many different wedding albums or many different chapters of your book on your webpage.

2.  Unlimited pages.  In your flipbook you can have unlimited number of pages.  So you are not restricted and can put as many wedding photos up or pages in your chapter.

3.  Amenities of Flipbook.  Users can setup the flipbook to run as a slideshow, zoom in, download the book as a PDF, enabled to be full screen, change the size, color, enabled autoplay.

4.  Contents of Flipbook.  You can put anything in the flipbook.  This means you can insert videos, photos, text, HTML text, and links.  You can make a nice flipbook cover page.

5.  Extensive Control Panel.  All settings of the Flipbook are easily managed in the Wordpress backend.   You don’t need to touch any code.  You can add multiple flipbooks just by adding shortcode into the page you want the flipbook to appear.

If you are looking for a book like theme, this is pretty awesome.  Everything is customizable.  I forgot to mention that you can also drag the corner of the pages and turn them like a regular book.  You can make the Flipbook look like a wedding album, a photo album, chapters of your book, or pages in a Magazine  you want to show to your clients/friends/family.  I think this is a great theme.   If you’re not interested in purchasing it, you should still go and at least play with it.   Play with the Flipbook here .

 Flipbook   Show off your Book, Portfolio, Magazine...


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