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How To Install Joomla Components, Templates, Plugins, Packages, and Modules

It’s very simple now, Joomla has integrated the installation of Components, templates, packages, modules and plugins all in one location.  Before each had their own separate link.

  1. Log in to your Joomla Administration panel.
  2. Click on Extensions, Install/Uninstall.
  3. Upload package file, select your file and Joomla will detect what type of file it is.

Plugins and templates are a little different from Components, and packages.  Once you install plugins and templates you have to activate them.

How to Activate Plugins:

  1. Go to Extentions, Plugin Manager.
  2. Select your plugin and click on Enable.

How to Activate Templates:

  1. Go to Extensions, Template Manager
  2. Select your template and click on default.
  3. Click on preview to view your site.
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