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How to Install Joomla Template

Long time ago I as amazed that my friend was able to change the appearance of his site overnight.  I later found out he just changed his template.  That’s what got me interested in CMS’s.   There are plenty of Joomla Templates which makes it super easy to change the look of your site instantly.  Changing templates gives your site a instant facelift.  I love looking at all the different Joomla Templates, installing them and seeing how it will change the look of my site, keeping it fresh for my end users.

How to Install a Joomla template:

  1. Prerequisites : You have the Joomla template zip file on your computer  eg.  template.zip
  2. Login into your Joomla Administrator Panel, Click on Extensions, Install/Uninstall
  3. Under the Install Tab
  4. Upload Package File – Click on Browse and select the Joomla Template – template.zip
  5. Click on Upload File & Install

After you upload the Joomla Template, you are not done yet.  You have to activate the template as well.

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