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How to Easily Create a Mobile Platform for your WordPress Website

Wordpress Help – Honestly I was a little intimidated by the task of trying to convert my website into a desktop and Mobile Friendly website.  I knew that a lot of mobile users were using iPhones, iPod Touch, Androids, or Blackberry’s to access my website and I wanted them to be able to access my website and read the posts without squinting their eyes and having a full desktop version to look at.   So, I went in search of how to do this and I found a solution to get myself a mobile Wordpress website!

I installed a WordPress plugin called ‘WPtouch’.  WPtouch is a simple, powerful and elegant mobile theme for your website. WPtouch automatically transforms your Wordpress blog into an iPhone application.  I only had to install and activate and voila! I have a mobile site! Quick and painless.   Users visiting your website from a desktop will still be able to see the desktop version.  Below are some screenshots of how your website will look like after transforming it into a Mobile Friendly website.

WPtouch Posts on the Front Page
WPtouch Posts on the Front Page

WPtouch Mobile Drop Down Menu
WPtouch Mobile Drop Down Menu

WPtouch WordPress Mobile Single Post
WPtouch WordPress Mobile Single Post

For those who want to know how I installed it, I’ve listed directions below:

1.  Login to your WordPress administrator backend.

2.  Click on ‘Plugins’, ‘Add New’

3.  Search for the plugin = WPtouch

4.  Under WPtouch, click on ‘Install Now’

5.  Click on Plugins

6.  Scroll down to the bottom where you will see ‘WPtouch’ listed, and click on ‘Activate’.

So now you can use your iPhone or whatever smartphone device you have to test your website out.  In your smartphone just go to your website normally, the WPtouch plugin will automatically detect that you are accessing the site with a mobile device and automatically transform your site for you.    Well, I didn’t really like the settings that I saw, so I just went into change a few.  Here is what I changed:

7.  Go to Plugins, WPtouch

  • Enable Truncated Titles = No
  • Show Author’s Name = Yes
  • Show Tags = No
  • Hide Excerpts = No

8. Click on ‘Save Options’.

Besides the above changes, I didn’t make any other changes to the settings.  You can refresh the website on your mobile device to see changes take affect.



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