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How to Quickly Add Adsense to Thesis Theme

Adding Adsense to your Thesis theme without an Adsense WordPress plugin is pretty easy.  The hardest part is deciding where to put the ads and finding that exact location.  I wanted my Adsense at the bottom of my posts and somehow they showed up as well on the front page on the bottom of the 2 posts, which was Ok I guess since I didn’t have any Adsense code on the main page.   You will need a few things before you can proceed with adding Adsense to Thesis theme:


  • Must have Thesis theme installed.  If you don’t have it installed, click here to download it now.
  • Must have the Thesis Openhook plugin installed

Overview of Steps to Insert the Adsense code into Thesis:

  • Install Thesis Openhook WordPress plugin
  • Go to Thesis Openhook Customization Manager
  • Find the Thesis hook for below a post
  • Insert Adsense Code

1.  Install Thesis Openhook WordPress plugin

Search for Thesis Openhooks


  • Click on ‘Plugins’, ‘Add New’
  • Search for ‘open hooks’
  • Click on ‘Search Plugins’
  • Click  on ‘Install Now

2.  Go to Thesis Openhook Customization Manager

Open Thesis - Thesis Openhooks

  • Click on Thesis on the navigation
  • Click on ‘Thesis Hooks

3.  Find the Thesis hook for below a post

Edit Thesis Openhooks to add Adsense

  • Click on ‘Thesis Hooks’ tab
  • Click on ‘Select a hook to customize’
  • Click on whichever hook you want to customize, in my case I selected ‘thesis_hook_post_box_bottom’

4.  Insert Adsense Code

Insert Adsense Code with Thesis Openhooks

  • In the text box, add your adsense code
  • Click on ‘Save Changes

That’s it.  Now you should see your adsense code at the bottom of your posts.



  1. Ken Wilson

    Hello Elaine,

    Thank you for your advice about using Thesis Hooks. I have just transferred my sites over to Thesis, and I must admit I was a bit concerned about using the Hooks in case I messed the whole site up.

    I wanted to place Adsense in the sidebar, so I jumped in and followed your instructions to the letter, installing the Plugin etc, just changing the position of the Hook to “before sidebar two” in the drop down menu.

    It worked perfect, and the Ad is now in place.

    Thank you for the simple, clear and precise instructions of how to do this.

    Yours sincerely,

    Ken Wilson (Melbourne, Australia)

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