How to Remove the WordPress 3.3 Admin Bar on the Frontend

by Elaine on January 5, 2012

Wordpress 3.3 Help – How to remove the “annoying” Wordpress Administrator Toolbar along the top of the page?  This feature was once very easy to remove from the fronted of your Wordpress website by going into the settings, but in WordPress 3.3 they removed that option.  I like to view my website as a user and the Admin bar pushes my whole website down.  So I went searching how to remove this Administrator bar and I found a solution.

You will need telnet/ssh access to your website.  If not you can also use a FTP program to edit and replace the file.  Below are steps on how to remove the Admin Toolbar from your WordPress 3.3 frontend website.  I will be using the SSH/Telnet route:

1.  Login to your website via telnet or FTP

2.  Go to the active theme directory.  For example I am using Thesis 1.8, so I will go to:


3.  Make a backup and Edit the file:

  •  functions.php

4.  Add the following code at the bottom of the file


5.  Save the file.

After you save the file and refresh the frontend of your WordPress 3.3 website, you will see the Admin toolbar is gone.  This is a simple and easy way to remove the admin toolbar.  Hope this helps you!



 How to Remove the Wordpress 3.3 Admin Bar on the Frontend


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