I’m back from Tokyo

Thank you to everyone for being so patient while I’ve been away on vacation to Tokyo.  I tried to respond to as many questions as I could.  Anyways my trip to Tokyo was full of cultural learning experiences.  There was so much food selections.  I went to the fish market twice because the sushi there was just amazing.   The fish just melted in my mouth.   I also went to Hong Kong afterwards and it was basically non stop eat, shop eat shop eat shop for 4 days straight.  Imagine I ate a 4 course meal for only $5 cdn.   I’m sure I gained 20 pounds after my trip.    Here’s a pic of me in Tokyo pigging out in the fish market.

4 thoughts on “I’m back from Tokyo

  1. Dear Elaine
    I would like to talk more about CMS & your work over email, May I ask you how i can contact you?
    There was not any contact in your site 🙂

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