In Tokyo for the Tokyo Marathon…

Hi Everyone,

I’m heading to Japan and Hong Kong for 2 weeks.  If I don’t die in my Tokyo Marathon on Sunday (Feb 27), I’ll see you on the other side when I’m back.    It’s marathon #11!!  Can’t believe I’ve run 11 marathons so far.   I’ll post some pictures of my trip too.  Please wish me luck because I’ll need it.  lol.  I haven’t been training much because of my back but I’m going to try to finish it!    If you have questions about your website please continue to leave comments or email me.  I just won’t be able to respond to any questions while I’m gone but I will answer them when I’m back.

All the best,


One thought on “In Tokyo for the Tokyo Marathon…

  1. Hi elaine
    I ´m new in joomla, and i just want to thank you for all the help you have given to me. I saw that you are a triathlete like me. You should try a race in my country 🙂 Once again thanks

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