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Some Wordpress themes are very simple and does not require much intuition to know how the data flows.  Sometimes there are extra custom fields that are unknown and upon installing the theme is pretty hard to know how what data goes where.  I know first hand because when I first installed the RocketTheme Wordpress themes they are soooo complex.   Good thing they provide a set of Sample Data for me to install along with the template.  The Sample Data doesn’t really link to the pictures that well so you have to relink the images in the articles to the correct path in your domain.

How to Import sample data into Wordpress:

Typically RocketThemes or Themeforest templates have sample data in a WXR file.   If you look inside your zip file that you downloaded for your theme you will find a file that has that extension (WXR).

  1. Login to WordPress administration panel
  2. Click on ‘Tools’, ‘Import’
  3. Select the system to import from – in this case, select ‘WordPress’
  4. Click on the Browse button to select the WXR sample file you extracted from your zip template file.
  5. Click on ‘Upload file and Import’

After you finish the last operation you will see all the sample posts, categories, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, and tags added to your blog.  There is at one point that allows you to enter the username which you want to associate your admin user to.  You can enter any name you want.  This can be changed later.

Once the whole sample data import is done you can view your site to see the results.  Scan through your posts in the backend where you can edit each post and see how to customize the site for your own data.  Delete posts, comments or any data you don’t need afterwards once you are familiar with how the template works.

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