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Joomla 1.6 – How to Change Your Favicon

Joomla 1.6 – Website Setup

The icon logo that appears on the webpage at the address bar is called the favicon.  You can change this easily by replacing your favicon.   You will also need to first create a favicon then upload to your site template folder.  For example I want to change my favicon in the Beez_20 template:

1.  Create your Favicon

There are different ways to create a favicon.   If you have your own image file you want to use. You can either create it manually or use an online program to create it.

a.  Create your favicon Manually

  • You can use photoshop to edit your image.
  • You must reduce the size of the image to 16 x 16 pixels.
  • Save the file as favicon.ico

b.  Create your favicon With Online Software – follow instructions carefully

  • Go to http://www.favicon.cc
  • Under heading – Create New Favicon – Click on ‘Import Image’
  • Click on ‘Browse’ for the image file on your computer, then ‘Upload’
  • Under heading – Preview – Click on ‘Download Favicon’
  • Then save the file ‘favicon.ico’ to your computer.

2.  Upload Favicon to your File Server

  • Login to your webhosting file manager or use FTP manager to access your backend files
  • Go to directory – Templates/Beez_20
  • You will see a file there named ‘favicon.ico’, you can either keep it as a copy, rename to ‘favicon2.ico’ or you can delete the file.
  • Upload your file favicon.ico from your computer to the templates/beez_20 folder.

After you refresh your website, you should see the icon in the address bar change to the file you created in Step 1.



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