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Joomla 1.6 – Error when Deleting a Category

Joomla 1.6 -Deleting a category using the Category Manager

Joomla needs to make sure all articles are assigned to a valid category.  Therefore when you try to delete a category that has an article assigned to it, Joomla will give an error message.  To fix this problem, all you need to do is find the article that is assigned to this category and either assign it to another category that is published or delete the articles.  Below is the error message:

Delete not allowed for category [Category Name Here] . 1 item is assigned to this category.

Say for example I wanted to delete my category named ‘Components’.   I tried to “Empty” the trash a couple but getting the same error message as above.

1.  Find The Articles Assigned to the Deleted Category in Article Manager

2.  Reassign the Articles to Another Category in Article Manager

  • Edit the Articles
  • Set values:
    • Category = <Another Published Category> Fruit Shop
  • Save the Article
  • Repeat for all articles in the deleted category


3.  Delete (and empty the trash) the Articles Assigned to the Deleted Category in Article Manager

  • Use the checkbox to Select all the Articles
  • Click on the button ‘ Trash’
  • Use the filter dropdown, Set value:
    • Select Status = Trashed
  • Select all articles in the ‘Trash’ area and click on ‘Empty Trash

4.  Now Ready to Delete and Empty Trash in the Category Manager

  • Click on ‘Content’, ‘Category Manager’
  • Use the filter drop down boxes, set value:
    • Select Status = Trashed
  • Use the checkbox to select the category
  • Click on ‘Empty Trash

Hope that helps you,


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