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Joomla 1.6 Help – Another Way to Remove the Articles tag

There are many ways to remove the Article tag.  Depending on your installation one way might work for you while not work for someone else.  Here is another method of trying to remove the Articles tag from the top of your page.    Click here to see another way to remove the word “articles” from the heading. Below I will show you how to remove the “Articles” H1 tag by editing the language file:

1.  Login to your FTP file manager

2.  Edit your language file, for example I’m using english:


3.  If you are using French Joomla installation, you would use:


4.  Find the code:


5.  Change the code to:


6.  Save the file.

After you refresh your Joomla 1.6 website, you should not see the H1 tag Articles anymore.

(Thanks to Raj for pointing this out)



  1. Bryan

    Good, I’m gonna try this workaround. Although I wonder if this might cause some SEO problems because you know the H1 tag is very important for search engines. Any answer will be very appreciated.

  2. Netzgänger

    Sorry, although working, it is not a good solution. Cause the h1-Tag still exists, but empty. So for SEO no very good workaround for that annoying problem.

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