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Joomla 1.6 – Trashed items still showing up on the Frontpage

Although I haven’t had this problem, I know a lot of people are.  Trashed articles are still showing up on the frontpage even though you deleted all the articles from the Article Manager.  Why is this happening?   The problem is that with the new version Joomla 1.6, if you are still logged in as a super admin you can still see articles that are in the Trash.   How to remove them?  You will need to delete all the articles in the Trash.

1.  Login to your Joomla 1.6 administrator backend.

2.  Go to Content, Article Manager, select the Articles or Categories tab

3.  Click on the filter drop down that says “Select State”.

4.  Select “Trash”

5.  Use the checkbox on the side to select the items you want to purge out of your Trash.

6.  Click on the ‘Emtpy Trash’ icon.

After you empty the trash and refresh your site, the articles will be gone.  You won’t see them on your frontpage anymore.

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