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Joomla 1.7 – How to add Adsense to your Joomla Website

Joomla 1.7 – Easy Steps to add Google Adsense to your Joomla Website

Start making money with Google Adsense.  This is Google’s pay per click program where you can add up to 3 ad units on a page at a time.  You can sign up at Adsense.google.com.  If you already did that and want to add adsense to your Joomla website, it is very easy.   You will download a free Joomla module called “J – Google Adsense”.  This module can be found in the Joomla Extensions directory.

Joomla google adsense module
Joomla Google Adsense module

High Level Overview:

  • Download “J-Google Adsense” module in zipped format
  • In Extension Manager – upload and install the adsense module
  • In Module Manager –  create a new Adsense module
  • In the Adsense Module – configure the settings with your publisher ID and channel ID
  • Select the pages you want to assign this module to.  You can assign the adsense module to just the frontpage or any page you want.

Below are steps to Add Google Adsense to your Joomla Website.   For example: I want to add my google adsense to only the frontpage and not any other pages.   You need to log in to your google adsense account and find your publisher ID and create a channel id.  (Check the help documents in Google, they  show you how to create a channel).  My default home page is in the ‘Main Menu’, ‘Home’.   Click here to see how to find out which menu contains your default homepage.

Download the file:

1.  Go to the Joomla Extensions directory.

2.  Search for and download the module “J-Google Adsense” in zipped format

3.  DO NOT unzip the file

Upload and Install Module in the Extensions Manager

4.  Login to your Joomla 1.7 administrator panel.

5.  Click on ‘Extensions’, ‘Extensions Manager’

6.  Upload Package File – click  on “Browse”.

7.  Select the zipped file you downloaded in step 2.  Click on ‘Upload & Install’

8. You will see a message that says:

Installing module was successful.

J – Google AdSense

The EASY, the FAST, the SAFE and the COMPLETE Joomla! Google AdSense extension, Because it is designed SPECIFICALLY for GOOGLE ADSENSE, and not for other Google services or other ad like Yahoo… No need to create an ad unit and copy & paste the code, all this can be done easily & quickly just from the extension parameters.

Create Adsense Module and Configure in Module Manager

9.  Click on ‘Extensions’, ‘Module Manager’,

10.  Click on the ‘New’ button, select ‘J – Google AdSense’

11.  Set the following Values:

  • Title = Adsense Module
  • Show Title = Hide
  • Position = position-7 <depends on your template>
  • Status = Published
  • Access = Public
  • Pub-ID = pub-1719145887610317
  • Channel = 0500328180
Joomla google adsense module
Joomla google adsense module

Select Pages to Assign this Module – In my example, I’m assigning the Adsense module only to the Frontpage

12.  Scroll down the Adsense Module window and you will see ‘Menu Assignment’

13.  Set the following Values to show adsense only on the Frontpage:

  • Module Assignment = Only on the pages selected
  • Click on ‘Clear Selection’
  • Switch to the ‘Main Menu’ tab
  • Use the checkbox to select ‘Home’
Joomla Google Adsense to show only on the frontpage
Joomla Google Adsense to show only on the Frontpage

After you save and close the module settings, refresh your website.   It will take time for google to render ads for you, but the google adsense ads will show up.  With the above module menu assignment, the google adsense will show up only on the page selected, which is the frontpage.



  1. Ade

    Hello, Thank you for this very helpful material. I followed the steps correctly, but when I save and refresh the website, I get a message which says:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_setopt() in C:\xampp\htdocs\xt9ja\modules\mod_jgoogleadsense\elements\helper.php on line 5

    And line 5 says: ” curl_setopt ($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1) ;

    What am I doing wrong?

  2. Konstantinos

    thank you so much for the helpful guidelines. I only have one question. I have a joomla 1.5 site but the process was pretty much the same. Therefore it’s working already but i don’t know how to put my google adsense account in the module so that i can start having ads. thank you!

    1. Elaine

      Hi Konstantinos,
      Do you have a Google adsense account already? If not, you will have to apply for one at adsense.google.com. If you do, log into your Google Adsense account and at the top right corner you will see your publisher ID. It will look similar to mine. Use your publisher ID and replace it where mine is showing. Let me know if it works for you.
      Thanks for your visit.

  3. David

    Hi Elaine
    Thankyou for a very clear and helpful article. I am a complete newbie who trying to build his first web site.
    1 You have a number entered into the Channel box. What is it where can I find it?
    2 I have a new Adsense account (with a Pub-id) but it is on hold. When it is approved will the ads appear on my site or is there more to do?
    Sorry if the questions are a bit basic but as I said I’m at the bottom of the learning curve.

    1. Elaine

      Hi David,
      When your adsense account has been approved, you will create a custom channel to identify your adsense ads. You will know what it is when you click on ‘manage ads’ and you create your own adsense ads. When your account is approved and you put the code on your side, then the ads will appear automatically.
      Thanks for your visit,

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