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Joomla 1.6 – Articles Not Showing up in Category Blog Menu Item

If your published articles are not showing up in a category blog layout, this problem is happening to a lot of people, not just you.  You are not going crazy.   But first please make sure you have confirmed the following:

1.  In the Content, Article Manager, you have published articles assigned to the cateogry.

2. In the Content, Category Manager, the category is published.

3.  In the Menu Manager, you created a menu item with the type of a category blog layout.

4. In the Menu Manager, the menu item is published.

After you ensure that the above have been set, check if you have Artiseer 3.0 Joomla 1.6 template installed.  That’s most likely the culprit.   Do a test by:

5.  In your Extensions, Template Manager, change your Joomla 1.6 default site template to another site template.

6.  In your phpMyAdmin MYSQL database Manager see if your articles have content.

If you can see articles in your category blog layout and you want to still use an Artiseer template, you can install Artiseer 2.6 which is a stable version of the template.    This is a known defect with Artiseer and is currently being worked on.

4 thoughts on “Joomla 1.6 – Articles Not Showing up in Category Blog Menu Item

  1. I’ve had similar problem with Joomla 1.6.3, I’ve installed 5 languages and somehow the Super User’s language in the Contacts section was missing and that was the reason I couldnt see any articles in the Blog/Category layout, but I could see them in the Single-Article Layout. I saved the language as All and everything worked 🙂

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