Joomla Banner Component Not Found

by Elaine on October 21, 2010

It’s something we all do by mistake or on purpose.  Heck, even I’ve done it million times.  I see Joomla Components, plugins and modules that are just sitting around and I would just delete or uninstall them.  Thinking it will be on Extensions and I can just download the Extensions again.  But after deleting a couple core Components I realized that they are not available on’s Extensions page to download.  So the question becomes – How do I get these core Joomla components back without uninstalling and reinstalling my whole Joomla site.  An example would be – I uninstalled/deleted the Joomla Banner Component.  When you try to access the banners, you will get an error message –

Joomla Banner Component Not Found.

Here is how you would reinstall the Joomla Banner Component back to your Joomla site:

* You will need to have knowledge of how to use your FTP program and use phpMyAdmin to create insert queries.

1.  Download and unzip the latest version of Joomla from
2.  Use your FTP software and Upload the files in these 2 directories to your site

  • /administrator/components/com_banners/
  • /components/com_banners/

3.  Create 3 insert queries in phpMyAdmin and run them individually.  These queries will recreate the connection between the files you copied over via FTP and your Joomla extension manager – allowing you to Manage your Banners, Activate Banners and Manage your Banner Clients.  If you don’t know how to create or run queries, you will have to ask your hosting company.

  • INSERT INTO `jos_components` VALUES (1, ‘Banners’, ”, 0, 0, ”, ‘Banner Management’,
    ‘com_banners’, 0, ‘js/ThemeOffice/component.png’, 0, ‘track_impressions=0ntrack_clicks=0ntag_prefix=nn’, 1);
  • INSERT INTO `jos_components` VALUES (2, ‘Banners’, ”, 0, 1, ‘option=com_banners’, ‘Active Banners’,
    ‘com_banners’, 1, ‘js/ThemeOffice/edit.png’, 0, ”, 1);
  • INSERT INTO `jos_components` VALUES (3, ‘Clients’, ”, 0, 1, ‘option=com_banners&c=client’, ‘Manage Clients’,
    ‘com_banners’, 2, ‘js/ThemeOffice/categories.png’, 0, ”, 1);

After that, you’re done.  Log in and you should see the Banner Component in your Joomla Administrator’s panel under Components.

 Joomla Banner Component Not Found


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