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Banner tagging in Joomla is probably one of the most useful things I’ve learned over the past few years.   You might not know what banner tagging is, but it’s the art of categorizing your banners and displaying a subset of them where you want and on the pages that you want them to be shown.  It’s a very useful feature in Joomla that not many people are aware of.

I cannot begin to tell you how Joomla Banner Tagging reduced the amount of work that I put into my Joomla sites.   If I had 5 content focused pages such as Beauty, Perfume, Flight, Clothes, and Sports and wanted to show only banners that related to the respective pages:

If NOT using Joomla Banner Tagging, I would have to:

  • Create 5 different Banner categories – Beauty, Perfume, Flight, Clothes, Sports
  • Store the banners in relative banner categories
  • Create 5 different Joomla Banner modules in the Joomla Module Manager
  • Hide / Unhide the Joomla Banner Modules and show/hide on their respective pages.  IE:  Beauty banners on Beauty pages, Sports banners on Sports pages.

VS Using Banner Tagging:

  • Create 1 Banner Category
  • Store the banner in the category
  • Create 1 Joomla Banner module in the Joomla Module Manager

The whole effort if not using banner tagging becomes tedious and a mess.  What if I then had 100 pages, this banner task would just be unmanageable.  Therefore, I LOVE BANNER TAGGING!  ok only until someone tells me there is a better way to control my banners without costing me a “testers” fee.

Setup Banner Tagging in 3 Easy Steps:

  • Setup Joomla Banner Tagging in the Banner Component Manager
  • Create and setup the Banner Module in the Module Manager
  • Create Joomla banners with the banner prefix tag

Proceed to Step 1: How to Setup your Joomla site for Banner Tagging

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