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I’m getting a blank page after installing Joomla Component

Installing Joomla Extensions is not difficult.   On a perfect day, it’s simply – Click on Extensions, under the install tab, select the file and install.   But not everyday is a good day.   If you try to install a Joomla extension, whether it be a component, plugin, template, or module –  the extension uploads and then you get a blank page and an error that says:

Component is not installed

You check your list of Components and it’s not there, so the the next most natural thing to do is to try to reinstall the extension.  The next error message you will get is:

Component already exists

How to resolve this issue?  You need to disable the Joomla FTP layer.   The FTP layer feature is only for Linux/Unix host users.   The key difference between you and the Linux/Unix host users is file permission issues.    For the Linux/Unix host users, using the FTP Layer eliminates the need to make directories and files writable and therefore improves overall security of the installation and server.   But it strips away the persmission of the user to make any changes to the directories.  That’s why on a typical localhost installation on Windows or Mac OSX based host/server, you will not able to see the contents of the directory or make any changes.

Turn off your FTP layer here:

1.  Go to your Joomla backend administrator panel.

2.  Click on Site Menus, Global Configuration.

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