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Joomla – Change Administrator Link

There is no way to change the administrator link in Joomla. So, if you have a Joomla site and other people know you have a Joomla site, they can easily access your administrator backend simply by going to This makes your Joomla extremely vulnerable for hackers to try to get into your account. Not that this the only way they can access your Jooma site, but you can take additional steps to prevent your site from being hacked.

Since you cannot change the administrator link, there is a Joomla component that will protect your administrator folder.  This Joomla component is called “Change Administrator“.   With this component you can define an alias for your administrator folder and hackers who are trying to access your administrator folder will be automatically redirected to the homepage.

On the topic of hack prevention, I came across another component that will help secure your Joomla site that is called “Anti-Hacker“.  Basically the “Anti-Hacker” component will secure your data, protect system files from malicious attacks, and enhance site security.   The Joomla component senses hacking behaviour and adds the IP to a banned list immediately and an email alert will be sent to the administrator.  There are many options in the “Anti-Hacker” component, more details here.

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