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Joomla classified ads component

As I’m looking into more Joomla solutions for a Craigslist.org platform, I found another Joomla component suitable for creating a site that looks like a Classifieds ads website just like the very popular Craigslist or Kijiji.    Although you can create the Classified Ads site from scratch, which I really wouldn’t recommend, using Joomla/Wordpress is probably the fastest way to get your venture going without too much start up time.  Creating a free website like craigslist or Kijiji is pretty simple but does take a few days to understand the platform you are using, whether it is Joomla or Wordpress.  I found a Joomla component that I found was very useful and here it is!!

Joomla has many Classifieds ads Components available and this Classifieds ads “craigslist” type site is free for downloads.  The problem with free is that there are some of bugs but overall the DJ Classified Ads is a great component to try out.  DJ Classifieds has many features such as you can add free or paid text advertisements into thematic categories, assign images and descriptions to them.    If you are interested in the DJ-Classifieds or any of these classifieds ads Components, there is a really good template that go hand in hand with these Joomla Components.  This template really transforms your site into a professional and clean looking classified website.   If you haven’t seen the Joomla-Monster template – JM Classified, you gotta check it out here.

If you are interested in creating your craigslist like website in Wordpress (and for the easiest way) I would still recommend using the Classipress!!  Download Classipress here.

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