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Joomla Content Item Module

Another annoying thing about Joomla is sometimes you just want to display Article text in a module on your site and it’s practically impossible.    Joomla published articles only want to go in the main body and there’s no place else it will go.  The existing Joomla modules that display newsflash, recent articles, expiring articles, or anything to do with articles only display title links to the actual document.   You could use the wrapper to display your own content in a module but that doesn’t point to an article.

The solution is to install Joomla Content Item Module.   This modules allows you to publish content items or articles anywhere you want on your site.  It’s a module, move it to any position that is available.   You can choose to display a single or multiple items from a section or category.    This module is great and very useful.

This Joomla Content Item Module is free, easy to install and easy to customize.  Download it the  here.

Watch the video.

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