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Joomla 1.6 – Allow Registered Users to Edit Own Profile

Joomla 1.6 registered users should have ability to modify their own profile once they log into your website.   You don’t want to be emailed to perform user maintenance, it’s easier to let the users change their profiles themselves.  If you don’t have this functionality yet, or don’t know where to find it, it’s pretty simple.   I know this post will be a little long winded but there are many ways to do things and I want to cover all possibilities.    2 links in the User Menu that registered users can see to edit their profile are:

A.  Your Profile – If you have a new installation of Joomla 1.6 and did not delete any menus, Components or modules; registered users already have capability to edit their own profile through the link “Your Profile” on the Frontend.  They will see an “Edit Profile’ link at the bottom of their profile.  Backend = ‘Menus’,’User Menu’, ‘Your Profile’.

B.  Edit Profile – Users can click on the menu item link that directly takes them to ‘Edit Profile’.

So above are the 2 ways registered users can edit their own profile.  You can have but don’t need both, but at least one of them must be activated on your Joomla 1.6 website.   There are 4 things that you need to have before this functionality will be enabled for your registered users, and they are:

1.  User menu – You must have a user menu.  Put your mouse over ‘Menus’.  You should see ‘User Menu’.

2.  ‘Your Profile’ or ‘Edit Profile’ menu item must be available and published in your ‘User Menu’.

3.  User menu module module and published in a visible module position.

4.  Parameters setting to enable registered users to edit their own profile.

If you are missing any of the above, below I will show you how to add them back in.   If you have all these design elements in your Joomla 1.6 already, make sure they are in the ‘Published’ state or enabled and visible on your homepage.   You must be logged into your Joomla 1.6 administrator backend.  If you are missing and want to add this item, here is how:

1.  The User Menu

  • Click on ‘Menus’, ‘Menu Manager’, ‘New’ button
  • Title = User Menu; Menu Type = usermenu

2.  ‘Your Profile’ or ‘Edit Profile’ menu item

  • Click on ‘Menus’, ‘User Menu’, ‘Add New Menu Item’
  • Menu Item Type= ‘User Profile’; Menu Title= ‘Your Profile’; State= Published; Menu Location=User Menu
  • Save
  • Repeat the above for the Edit Profile
  • Menu Item Type= ‘Edit User Profile’; Menu Title= ‘Edit Profile’; State= Published; Menu Location=User Menu
  • Save

3.  User menu module must be enabled

  • Extensions’, ‘Module Manager’, ‘New’ button
  • Title=User Menu; Position=(Any visible and available position – depends on template); Published=Published;  Access=Registered; Select Menu=User Menu; Module Assignment=On all pages except selected;

4.  Parameter Settings enable Edit Profile

  • Site, Global Configuration, Permissions, Registered Users twistie
  • Edit Own = Allowed

So that’s all you need to have registered users editing their own profile.  It seems a lot more complicated when you write it down than it really is.  Give it a try and let me know if you have any problems.

6 thoughts on “Joomla 1.6 – Allow Registered Users to Edit Own Profile

  1. Hi, this post is great… but i have a question, i use joomla 1.5 and there is no edit or user profile menu type.
    my question is: if i make the menu type login layout, or register layout, how this will be switched from “login’ to “logout” when users are logged in ??? ….. and is there a way that users can have a profile that shows their picture and all their published and unpublished articles?? . . . . . this is so hard to do as i have no clue….
    your post is so great… thanks
    please help.

    1. Hi Hamada,
      I don’t have Joomla 1.5 anymore and used it such long time ago so I can’t really say for sure since a lot of features have changed since. But I’m pretty sure once users login the button will auto switch to Logout. If not, you will have to create a menu item to “SHOW” to public users and “HIDE” for registered users. Then also create a logout menu item to “HIDE” to public users and “SHOW” for registered users. If you want to show picture and their articles, I don’t recall Joomla 1.5 having that ability. But you can play around with it.
      Sorry about that.
      Thanks for your visit,

  2. how can i make the user profile visible to all the traffic of the website, i want people everybody to be able to see the profile of any user and get to see all his articles under his picture at the same page of his/her profile…
    how to do that?? please help….

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