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Joomla – Error loading feed data

After installing a new version of Joomla  you might see this error message – “Error loading feed data” in your Administrator panel.  This error does not affect any data or look on your website.  It’s just an error that you as the administrator will see in the backend.  This is a relatively easy fix.   Above is a picture of the error message – “Error loading feed data” and here are the steps you can follow to fix error message

1.  Log in to your Joomla administrator panel backend.

2.  Click on Extensions, Module Manager

3.  Click on the Administrator tab

4.  Search for the module “Joomla! Security Newsfeed”

5.  Disable the module.

6.  If you have the “yoo_tweet module” installed, disable this module as well.  This module is known to display this error message.

After you follow these steps to resolve your feed data problem, log off and log back in as the Joomla administrator and you will not see the error message again.

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