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by Elaine on December 31, 2010

joomla facebook like Joomla   Facebook Like ButtonJlike is a free Joomla Plugin that easily connects your site with users that have Facebook.  If the visitor is already logged into Facebook and they click on your  Facebook ‘Like’ button, the plugin immediately posts a link to their Facebook wall:

<Facebook User> likes <Content Title> on <Your Website URL>.

Under the article it will show how many people liked that article and you can login to see how many other people liked that article too:

17 likes.  Joomla   Facebook Like ButtonSign Up to see what your friends like.

Other features of the Jlike plugin, you can choose to:

1.  Exclude the jLike button on Sections, Categories, frontpage articles and Articles.

2.  Exclude the jLike button on Section Blog, Section List, Category Blog and Category List pages.

3.  Exlucde Components.

4.  Show either a Facebook `Like`button or Facebook `Share`.

5.  Show on frontpage

Jlike Joomla Plugin is extremely easy to use and install.  It is subperb in that it does what it says and easy to integrate into other Components installed your site.  I highly recommend this plugin if you are looking for a Facebook Like feature for your site.  Click here to download it.

 Joomla   Facebook Like Button


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