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It is important to protect your website from being hacked. I’ve received many emails asking for help after the fact, but you should be prepared to protect your site even before your site gets hacked. Even if your site is big or small, it is not a good feeling that someone went thru your code and put some malicious code somewhere on your site and you have to fish it out, or worse rebuild your whole Joomla site.

RSFirewall Joomla Security

I recommend you install the RsFirewall extension from RsJoomla. It has many great features to protect your site from hackers. See website.

Rs Firewall Features

1. Security is always up to date. Rsfirewall is backed up by a team of Joomla experts that are trained to be always up to date with the most up to date vulnerabilities, and security issues.

2. Active Sql scanner. Rsfirewall actively scans your MYSQL database, filters any POST or GET commands and blocks any intrusion attempt such as SQL injection.

3. Active file scanner. RsFirewall also actively scans all sensitive files and folders on your site and blocks hackers from changing them.

4. Protects your Joomla administrator login. Captcha shows up after unsuccessful admin login attempts.

5. Email notification. RsFirewall will notify you via email or text message if your site reaches a certain alert level and if someone is actively trying to hack into your site.

6. You can put the site in lockdown mode. If you feel your site is being hacked you can lock down your Joomla site. Your files, databases are locked down and safe. It blocks user registration and no information can be changed and denies ‘admin’ take over attempts.

It is important to protect your site and the sensitive information of your users. This is a top rated extension in Joomla!, rated 39 times so far and received star rating of 4.5. To view a demo of RsFirewall, click here. Read more about the firewall extension here.

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