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Joomla FJ Related Module No Articles Returned

The Joomla FJ Related Articles Component is a little tricky, at least that’s what I found.  Just by reading the description wasn’t very helpful, I had to play around with the article keywords and the setting in menus and create different articles to finally understand and grasp how to use it. If you did follow through their simple example in the component setup screen and are still unable to find any articles, here are a couple places to look at to make sure you have your Joomla FJ Related Articles setup properly:

Basics to look at:

  1. Obviously, make sure you have the Joomla FJ Related Articles Component installed.
  2. In the content management – Article Manager.  Open up the article that is missing in the view and make sure you enter a keyword into the “Metadata Information – Keywords”.  These keywords can have spaces and if you have multiple keywords they must be separated by commas.
  3. Make sure your menu item is a Joomla FJ Related menu item.
  4. In your menu settings – Choose Match Any or All Keywords = Any

Sections and Category to Search:

One thing to note is that FJ Related Articles needs you to specify which category and section to search.  If you want your menu to return articles from menu different categories or sections you need to select them in your menu item.    So make sure you have those sections and categories highlighted in your menu item.  See below to see where you can check if you did this correctly:

  1. In your menu item – Parameters Advanced – Selection Sections – select all sections that you have documents with those keywords you want to return.
  2. In your menu item – Parameters Advanced – Selection Categories – select all categories that you have documents with those keywords you want to return.

For Joomla FJ Related Articles WITHOUT an Intro Article:

  1. In the menu settings – Keywords – enter in any number of keywords, you can have spaces.  You just need to separate each keyword with a comma.
  2. Leave the Intro article field blank.  Do not enter anything there.

For Joomla FJ Related Articles WITH an Intro Article:

This option is a little more complicated but still same concept.  In the past the Joomla FJ related article did not allow for multiple keywords and that’s how the Intro article was introduced.  Now that the Joomla FJ related Article component keywords allows multiple keywords in the menu option the intro article is not really required anymore.  I use the FJ Related Intro article mainly if I want to have a separate Introduction text or brief paragraph  to show for different keyword selections and to customize the views.  If you set it all up and reviewed all the above options and your article is still not showing up in the Joomla menu/view – here are some places you can look :

  1. The Intro article is just an article you create in the Article Manager, so make sure that article exists.
  2. Open the intro article and enter in your multiple keywords in the “Metadata Description – Keywords”.  Multiple keywords must be separated by commas.
  3. In your menu item – make sure you selected your intro article that you created and saved in the Article Manager.
  4. Remove any keywords that you have stored in the menu item.  You don’t need to duplicate the information because it’s already stored in your intro article.

That’s all there is to the FJ Related Component.  If the FJ Related Article does not find any articles, it might be because your menu item is not selected to be shown in that view.  You can check your Extensions, Modules Manager for that.   If you need any help, drop me a line and I will  get back to you.

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