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Joomla Front End Login Problem

On your brand new installation of Joomla, you might encounter an error message when logging in through the front end.   You probably tried to remove all your Joomla Components.  Gave up and deleted your whole Joomla installation.  You then replaced it with a brand new installation of Joomla and still cannot login from the Joomla front end, here is why and how you can fix it.

Symptoms of the problem:  Logging in on the Joomla frontend and nothing happens.  It appears as though the page refreshes but does not go to the member page.

Fix:   You have to go to your domain file server and make changes to the configuration.php.

  1. Look at your domain url and you are using “”
  2. Open up your configuration.php file
  3. Search for the value “$mosConfig_live_site”
  4. It will be showing “”.  Change it to “”

The configuration is missing the “www” which is messing up your site configuration.  After you make that change you should be able to log in from your frontend Joomla page.

One thought on “Joomla Front End Login Problem

  1. Hello,

    i have the same problem. I can’t log into the frondend.
    I follow the steps, but in the configuration.php there is no variable like $mosConfig_live_site.
    So, I add this and the value of my site with in the configuration.php , but it doesn’t work.

    I think this could something to do with end of the string of the adress, if I log on like this:

    Are there other solutions or I must re-set-up my site, really??


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