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Joomla 1.6 Help – How to Unfeature Articles From the Frontpage

In Joomla 1.6 you can easily make articles featured articles to display on the frontpage or you can easily remove them.   There are 2 ways to unfeature these articles – 1. Totally Unpublish the articles from the website, or  2. Keep article visible in a category but not show up on the frontpage.   Below I will show you how to do both.

1.  How to Unpublish An Article:

  • Login to your Joomla 1.6 administrator panel.
  • Click on Content, Article Manager,  Edit the Article
  • Set Status = Unpublished
  • Save your article.

After you refresh your site you will no longer see the article published on your website.

2.  How to Unfeature an Article From the Frontpage

  • Login to your Joomla 1.6 administrator backend
  • Click on Content, featured articles
  • Select and edit the Article you want removed from the Frontpage
  • Set Featured = No
  • Take note which category it’s in
  • Save your Article

After you refresh your website, the article will not show up on the Frontpage anymore.  If you look in the category where it is stored, you will still see it there.

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