Joomla Hiding Menu Items

Creating links to your Joomla Components to remove the word component in the url links requires adding new Menu Items in your Menu Manager.   If you have a lot of Components this causes overload on your site front end and unnecessary information for your users to see.   That of course is only one reason why you would need to hide menus from non registered and registered users.  Here is a little trick you can use to hide this menu item and remain invisible.  The only thing is that you have to be familiar with the template you are using.

  1. Create a new Menu and include all the menu items that link to your components.   Only include the links that you do not want the users to see.
  2. Go to your Extension, Module Manager and edit the Menu you created.
  3. Change the module position to a position that is not visible on your template.
  4. Some of them have a debug or breadcrumbs position that is not used.
  5. Refresh your site and see that the Menu Module disappeared.

Watch the video.

The new menu module has disappeared but all the links you created for your components still remain.   If you change your template often you must be conscious of the hidden menu items and check that they remain invisible to your users.

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