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Joomla Module To Show Articles From Multiple Categories

This is another continuation of the article Joomla Multiple Categories Solution. FJ Related Component also has a module called  Joomla FJ Related Articles Plus. This is very useful because it will show all articles that have one or more keyword phrases in common with the current article. You can choose which sections or categories you wish the module to display from. This is very useful if you want to show links to other articles that the user might be interested in or text links to other products that are similar to the one showing.

The only caveat for this module is that  FJ Related Articles Plus only works if you have the article opened.  The module will match keywords with the article currently open.  It works perfectly if this suits your purpose.    If not , you can also look into Banner Tagging.  The user will have to click on a “Read More” link or the article title.

For example, If you have documents that have the following.

TitleMeta Keywords
Applefridge, seeds
Strawberryfridge, berry

If the article being viewed had the

  • keyword “seeds” only an article link to Apple will be returned.
  • keyword “seeds, berry”, article links to Apple and Strawberry will be returned.
  • keyword “fridge”, article links to all four will be returned.

Steps to get this module started assuming you already installed the FJ Related Component and created articles that already have values in the meta keywords.  If not, please read Joomla Multiple Categories Solution article.

  1. Install  FJ Related Articles Plus Module.
  2. Add the Module to the Module Manager.
  3. Edit the module.
  4. Add in the values for the sections, categories, keyword labels
  5. Save and view the site.

Watch the video.

Download the module from here

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