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This is a continuation of the article regarding the Joomla Multiple Categories Solution.  You can also create a view to show multiple categories using the option to “Select Intro Article”.  You can use this to customize the look of the results page that returns after the user selects a menu item.   For example, you want to show all articles that have keywords – Free Week, Free Trials and put some text to describe what the freebies trials are for.

Step A:  Create the FJ Related Article – This is your Intro Article Text

  1. Install the FJ Related Component.
  2. Go to Article Manager and create an article.
  3. The article name doesn’t matter, put in “Free Trials and Week”.
  4. In the article Meta Keywords add in – Free Week, Free Trials.
  5. In the Article Text – Write 2 lines of text….
  6. Save this article.

Step B:  Create the FJ Related Menu Item:

  1. Create a menu item, select the menu type – FJ Related Blog layout.
  2. Enter a name for this menu item – Freebies.
  3. In the Parameters Basic,  select the intro article created in Step A – Free Trials and Week.
  4. Select the option “” = Show.
  5. In Parameters Advanced, you have to select either the section or categories you wish FJ Related to look for articles. If you leave this blank, nothing will return.
  6. Save this article.

Step C:  Enter in the Keywords in the Articles:

  1. Edit an existing article.
  2. Meta data, Keywords, enter either Free Trials or Free Week.
  3. The keyword values are the categories that this article should belong to (Must match values in step A-4).

Watch the video.

You can download the Joomla FJ Related Component, see previous post on Joomla Multiple Categories Solution.

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