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Joomla Multiple Categories Solution

Core Joomla 1.5 does not support articles belonging to more than one category.  I wanted to create an article under the category Running shoes, but I didn’t want to create a separate document under Women’s Shoes, Men’s Shoes, Fitness Gear as well.  I would have to maintain all these documents instead of just one.  At the time I was building a new site and was weighing the effect of the Joomla disadvantage between Wordpress and Drupal.   I finally stuck with Joomla because I found this awesome component called “FJ Related”.   It solved this problem for Joomla.  It was extra work on the backend but very effective with lots of features including displaying or restricting articles from multiple categories.

At first FJ Related is fairly difficult to understand.    The most basic usage of the FJ Related component is to create menu items to display one article in more than more category.  Steps are below.

  1. Install the FJ Related Component.
  2. Create a menu item, select the menu type – FJ Related Blog layout.
  3. Enter a name for this menu item, for example ‘Women’s Shoes’.
  4. In the Parameters Basic, enter in the keywords.  This keyword value are category names you wish this menu item to return.   In this case ‘Running Shoes’.
  5. In Parameters Advanced, you have to select either the section or categories you wish FJ Related to look for articles.  If you leave this blank, nothing will return.
  6. After you save this Menu Item, go to the Article Manager.
  7. Edit an article and in the Meta data, Keywords, enter Running Shoes, Women’s Shoes.  The keyword values are the categories that this article should belong to (Must match value in step 4).

Watch the video.

You can download the Joomla FJ Related Component from here.

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