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by Elaine on November 1, 2009

Best part of Joomla is that you can convert any crappy looking site into a professional looking site in a few minutes.  With an ever growing community and tons of developers and users, Joomla is offers plenty of opportunity to people who don’t know much about web design to pull together something that companies takes months to produce.

The backend consists of the administration panel.  From there you control the core of your site – the Joomla Templates, Components and modules.  The templates control the look and feel of your site and overall experience for the end users, there are templates also for the backend which is for you, the administrator.   Components are the core applications that create and modify tables in the backend and provide functionality to your users.  Modules are queries to the backend tables and display the information you specify.    The final and most important part of Joomla is the database.  Joomla uses MySQL which is a key in any CMS.  If the cms doesn’t control the data using tables I don’t bother with it.

The pros of Joomla are plenty.  Highly customizable, full access to the backend data, full access to your administrator, modules, and templates.  Joomla offers you to create a user community with registered and non registered users.   The best part of Jooma is that it’s open source!!  So many Components and templates, Joomla has a component and template for any purpose.

 Joomla Pros


Elaine is the founder of CmsMind, an online blog providing Joomla and Wordpress tutorials. Elaine lives in Toronto and when she is not online, she is either Marathon and Triathlon training or travelling and racing somewhere in the world. Find her also at: Save Money, Premium Themes and Templates, and at Webhosting Tips.

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