Joomla Remove Component From URL

Even though you select the SEO Friendly URL option in your Global Configuration, Joomla does not create SEO friendly links to Components on your site.   Once you link a component from your menu item Joomla appends /component/ path to your URL making it hard to read and redundant.

Example the link is showing:

  • http://enzolina.com/test/component/simplecalendar/?controller=simplecalendar&view=detail&id=1

Should be showing:

  • http://enzolina.com/test/holidays?view=simplecalendar&catid=1

The work around to help you fix this problem is to create a create menu link to that component.

  1. In your Menu Item Manager (Menus, Select a Menu) .
  2. Create a new Menu item, Select your Component from the Menu Type Options
  3. Enter in the Menu Item Details Title and Alias.  The title will now be the text shown as the link and will remove the /component/ from your URL.

Watch the video.

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