Joomla Remove Components In Article URL’s

Joomla defaults to add the word component to all the links for articles created in Article Manager.  Here is a tip to help you remove the word component from your url to make your url more search engine friendly and for a better user experience.

For example your link looks like this:

  • http://enzolina.com/test/component/content/category/2-godaddy

And after following these steps your link will look like this:

  • http://enzolina.com/test/hosting

Tips on how to remove the word component from article links:

  1. Go to the Menu Manager and Add a Menu Item.
  2. For the Menu Type, select Articles and Category and what layout you want to show.
  3. Enter in the Menu Item Title and Alias and this will be your final link that you see.
  4. Select the category you want this menu item to show.

Watch the video.

    1. Enzolina

      Hi Vida,
      Do you have Gallery2 installed? Did this just start happening? Did you install any new components recently? Is this a new Joomla install? What version of Joomla are you using?

  1. srinivas

    Hi Elaine,
    Trying to remove “component/content/article” from my url on joomla 2.5.17 site using the old posts in the joomla forum from the past few days.But i am not getting solution for my joomla 2.5 SEF enabled site since most of the solutions are based on j1.5 sites.
    Please help me out with the ways to remove “component/content/article” from my url
    14-deals/mobiles-ta … ing-tablet

    Thanks in advance

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