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Joomla 1.6 Save Menu Item Error – “Save Failed With Following Error…”

Continuing my testing with Joomla 1.6, I used to have Coppermine installed as a gallery on my site and a menu item that linked to it directly.  It wasn’t the best way to integrate Joomla and Coppermine because I know there are Components that will bridge the two.   Anyways I wanted to test the external link in the Menu Manager Menu Item.   I left the alias field blank or I named it “gallery” the same as in my Joomla 1.5 setup.

My Menu Item Details were:

Menu Item Type : External URL

Menu Title: Gallery

Link: /gallery/

Alias: <blank>

I got the following error message:

Save failed with the following error: A first level menu item alias cannot be ‘gallery’ because ‘gallery’ is a sub-folder of your Joomla installation folder.

I did some research and apparently this is an existing bug and the Joomla team is trying to fix it.  There is a defect open on it right now, you can check it out the progress here.  The only way around this is to rename the alias for the menu item to be something other than the folder name or any folder name in the Joomla installation folder.  After I renamed the alias to be ‘photos’ I was able to save the menu item.  I hope they fix this soon.

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