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Joomla Tips – Attach PDF to Article

Joomla Tips – I was trying to attach a PDF document to one of my Joomla 1.6 articles and was having problems.  The upload image would not display my pdf file and therefore I couldn’t add it into my article. If I just typed in the article link, it would show a broken link.  I wonder why attaching a any file, not just a PDf file is so difficult in Joomla 1.6??

I looked at all the Extensions and editors recommended, but I really cannot find a solution.  I’ve come up with my own little solution, which is ugly but it will do the trick until someone comes up with an extension or editor fix to this problem – which I hope is soon.  Below are steps to link a PDF icon image to the PDF file in your images directory.

1.  Download a PDF icon image.

  • Right click on PDF icon below and save it to your desktop

2.  Upload a PDF icon image

  • Login to your Joomla 1.6 administrator backend.
  • Click on Content, Media Manager
  • Upload the PDF icon image file from your desktop
  • It should now be sitting in your /images directory

3.  Create new folder for PDF files

  • In Media Manager, under your /images directory
  • Create a new folder called   PDF

4.  Edit the Article – insert pdf icon

  • Go to the article you wish to edit in Content Manager
  • Click on Content, Article Manager, click and edit the article
  • Click to attach an image – select the PDF image you uploaded in step 2

5.  Upload PDF file

  • Click to insert an image, switch to your PDF folder created in step 3
  • Browse and upload your PDF file – remember the filename.  For example my pdf filename is ‘Joomla16.pdf’

6.  Link Image to the PDF File:

  • Still in Article edit mode
  • Click on the PDF icon link you inserted in step 4
  • Click on the hyperlink – insert/edit link and set:

Link URL=  images/PDF/<the filename you uploaded in step 5>

For example, my Link URL = images/PDF/Joomla16.pdf

7.  If you don’t remember your PDF filename

  • Click on Content, Media Manager
  • Your PDF file will either be in your images/ directory or images/PDF directory.

Save your article and refresh it on the frontend of your Joomla 1.6 website and you should see a PDf icon link that links to your PDF document.  I know this is an ugly solution and not the best, but it does what I need to do.

If you have a better solution or know of a fix to this problem, please let me know.  I would love to hear your suggestions.  Thanks for your help!


  1. Gail

    Oh thank you, thank you!
    We frequently add continuing education events and I wanted our librarians to be able to view the original flyer as a pdf. Now I can link to a flyer in an article and in a jcal event.

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