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How to make a Joomla site like Flickr

Creating your photo blogging site with Joomla is super easy.  Flickr is just a platform that allows you to upload and share your photo album with your friends and family.  Flickr does have some space and folder restrictions.  I think you can only upload 2 videos and 100MB worth of photos each calendar month to your flickr account.   If you want to exceed that you will have to purchase a Flickr pro account.  That’s why you should create your own photo blogging site or photo gallery site.  You can upload as many videos or pictures to your Joomla site.

Here are some Joomla Components I would recommend to create your own Flickr photo sharing website:

  1. Phoca Gallery – Phoca Gallery component is free and provides extensive features such as creating your own categories, sub categories, allows you to upload your pictures easily, tons of documentation, different modules to place around your site, customized behaviour (turn on or off the slide show option) and plenty more.  Click here to demo the Phoca GalleryClick here to download.
  2. Art Sexy Lightbox Lite Edition – This Joomla component is also free and easy to use.  It displays your  photos, photo groups with fancy pop up with a lightbox effect.  Click here to check out the Art Sexy Lightbox Lite demo.
  3. Matrix 3d image gallery – If you’re interested in a photo gallery with Real 3d actionscript 3, this is the one.   Matrix 3d image gallery has multiple types of settings for your gallery to change the look  completely.    This gallery can also function as a flash menu just changing the settings.  Pretty cool, check out the Matrix gallery demo here.
  1. Michael

    Hi, thank you very much for this useful information, it’s something I have long been looking for.

    I’m thinking of using Joomla as the CMS for an image sharing website with rating and comments and the main change from the conventional Joomla core is that the main body of an “article” is no longer text based but image based. Is there any way this can be achieved without hacking the code?

    For example: when a registered user publishes a new “article”, the article would consist of:
    1) a title
    2) an image (this is the body of the article) – NO TEXT in the body
    3) maybe caption and some description of the content
    4) metadata such as time of publishing, username, rating…etc.

    With the above settings, the front page of the website would then list out the highest and newest published “articles” (which is just an image with a title and ratings).

    I really hope you can help me because your blog is one of the few on this subject.

    1. Elaine

      Hi Michael,
      You can try look into the Joomla component and module JoomGallery. It is a free gallery component and will show picture title, ratings, user name, added date, image description, email to friend and lots other meta data. The only thing is that i is compatible with Joomla 1.5. You can find JoomGallery in the Joomla.org extensions directory.

      Another option you can use is Coppermine. Its not related to Joomla in any way but I use it as a community photo sharing gallery website. You can easily show photos that were last added, ratings, comments, email to friend, user, date added, captions, description, image meta data and has user registration, image category management and tons more features.

      Thanks for your visit!
      Hope that helps,

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