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Make a Website like Tumblr with Theme02 WordPress Theme

Tumblr CloneTheme02 from ThemeSumo

You can create your own website like a Tumblog with Wordpress and Wordpress themes.  You can easily post videos, photos, quotes, status updates, links and regular blog posts. Theme02 is perfect for social blogging, photo blogging, video blogging, portfolio showcases and more.   The Theme02 Wordpress Theme also features a responsive design so that content can be easily viewed on any platform – i.e. iPhones, iPads, or any smartphone devices.  You can test it out also by resizing the screen when viewing the demo.  You will see the posts automatically realign itself to fit your screen width.   No web programming knowledge required.  It’s all just install, activate and start adding your content!  Click here to see more features of Theme02.

Social Blogging Template Theme02

Social Blogging Theme02 WordPress Theme
Social Blogging Theme02 Wordpress Theme

Responsive Tumblr Clone Theme02

Responsive Tumblr Clone Theme02
Responsive Tumblr Clone Theme02
 Create Sites Like:

  • Tumblr Clone
  • Tumblr Website
  • Photo Blog
  • Social Blogging
  • Tumblog
  • Video Blogging

Click here to demo Theme02

Click here to download Theme02

 Features of Tumblr Clone Social Blogging Template – Theme02

  • Responsive Layout – perfect for mobile and tablet devices
  • Easily add videos, photos, quotes, posts, links, status updates
  • Easily change theme colours
  • Extensive control panel
  • Multiple post formats
  • Stackable front page
  • Responsive layout
  • SEO Ready
  • Widgetized sidebar
  • jQuery lightbox
  • No timthumb or vulnerable scripts
  • Background options
  • Theme Options panel
  • When someone bookmarks your site on their mobile iOS devices it will show your unique icon, making your site feel like an app
  • Tons of documentation
  • SEO optimized
  • Tons of short codes
  •  Free updates, help and Support

Overall this is a great and refreshing Tumblr blog template.  It has a retro feel which makes it unique and different from the many tumblr clones on the market.  I also love that it doesn’t use the Timthumb which sometimes has vulnerable scripts and the bookmarking feature shows a unique icon on mobile devices.  That’s really cute!  You should check out the demo and see the responsive theme at work.

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Click here to demo Theme02

Click here to download Theme02



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