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Minimalistic Portfolio Template for a Portfolio Website – Minimal4

Portfolio TemplateMinimal4 by RichWP

You took amazing pictures, images, videos and you are proud of your art work, now you want to show them off to the world.  You can easily create a minimalistic Portfolio Website that brings the focus to your work.  I recommend to use Wordpress and Wordpress Theme Minimal4 and you can create your site easily with no programming knowledge required.  This Wordpress Theme includes features such as infinite scrolling, enhanced image gallery, page templates, social media integrated and more..  You can use this Minimal4 Wordpress Theme to create a Portfolio Website, Photography Website, Photo Blog, and a Video Blog.  Click here to see more features of Minimal4.

Minimalistic Portfolio Template – Minimal4

Minimalistic Portfolio Template - Minimal4

Minimalistic Portfolio Template – Minimal4
Use Portfolio Template to Create Site Like:

  • Portfolio Template
  • Portfolio Website
  • Portfolio Clone
  • Photography Website
  • Photography Template
  • Photography Clone
  • Photo Blog
  • Video Blog
  • Photography Blog
  • Minimalistic Photo Website
  • Video Portfolio

Click here to see more features of Minimal4

Click here to demo Minimal4

Click here to download Minimal4

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  • Infinite Scrolling
  • Minimal Design
  • Minimalistic Design
  • Simple Design
  • SEO-friendly, performance-driven architecture & SEO Options
  • Extended Typography Settings
  • Enhanced Image Gallery (probably the best WordPress gallery system available)
  • Integrated Advertising Placements
  • Easy Logo Integration
  • Social Media Icon Integration
  • Facebook, Twitter Integrated
  • Extensive Design Editor
  • Set of Useful Page Templates (sitemap, full-width, slideshow, iframe integration, etc.)
  • Analytics & Feedburner Integration
  • Comment Rules
  • Child Theme Support
  • Theme Option Settings Backup
  • World-Class Built In Caching System
  • Comprehensive Manual & Documentation
  • Fast, Responsive One-on-One Support
  • No Usage Restrictions
  • WordPress 3.5+ Ready
  • WordPress 3.0 + Multisite Support
  • Works in All Major Browsers (including most mobile browsers)
  • Removable RichWP.com footer

This is a great Wordpress Theme to create a Portfolio Website with a simple design.  I love this Theme because of the muted design features of the theme which makes the images, videos and art work stand out.  Choose to simply display featured images of your articles or add category labels, titles, dates and excerpts.  A unique infinite scrolling option allows users to go t0 the next page without click on any links.  Posts will automatically load when you reach the bottom of your site until there are no more posts to load.  You can demo the infinite scrolling.  Check out all the features in the Minimal Portfolio Template in the demo.

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Click here to see more features of Minimal4

Click here to demo Minimal4

Click here to download Minimal4

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