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Multiple Articles on FrontPage in Joomla

The Joomla frontpage is very customizable.    I believe by default Joomla shows one full article on the front page, followed by many intro text articles and few links at the bottom to more articles if they do not fit all on one page.  To show multiple full text articles on the frontpage, or to change the number of columns the intro articles display in or to minimize the links at the bottom, you can do that too.  Just by understanding the few settings in the menu, you will know how to change these values to manipulate your frontpage to your liking.

  1. Go to Joomla Administrator panel
  2. Click on Menus, Main Menu, Home ( Your default front page menu item)
  3. Parameters Basic – you will see the following options:
  • # Leading – The number of full articles you want to show.  Here is where you can put 5, if you want to show 5 full articles on the Frontpage
  • # Intro – The number of article intro texts you want to show.  On the Frontpage you will only see the first few lines on the article on the frontpage
  • Columns – Joomla will separate your Intro articles into the number of columns that you indicate here.  I think the max is like 4 columns depending on your template.
  • # Links – You can specify how many article links you want to show at the bottom of the front page.  The links will be the article headings.

Example 1:  If you want to show 3 full articles, 4 intro texts,  and no article links

  • # Leading = 3
  • # Intro = 4
  • Columns = 1
  • # Links = 0

Example 2:  Show multiple intro articles and no full articles and no links

  • # Leading = 0
  • # Intro = 10
  • Columns = 2
  • # Links = 0
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  1. Nawab Shah

    i have a problem and the problem is that i have articles which are published also there creation dates correct but still they are not displaying on front-end?any suggestion please………..

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