Review of the New WordPress iPhone App

by Elaine on September 11, 2012

I love the new Wordpress iPhone app. I was skeptical on how usable it would be after trying out the last Wordprss iPhone app which was virtually useless. I couldn’t even create a decent post without taking at least an hour.  The new Wordpress iPhone app is free in the AppStore.

Wordpress iphone app download Review of the New Wordpress iPhone App Free Download Wordpress Iphone App


The new WordPress iPhone app is easy to setup, create a new post, add pictures, preview a post, add categories, tags and more. You can even easily format text. See screenshots below.

Below I will show screenshots for:

  1. List all posts – link to create a new post
  2. Create a new post
  3. Adding WordPress Categories to your post
  4. Inserting a photo/image to your WordPress post
  5. Entering content in your WordPress Post
  6. Preview your post in Safari

1.  List all posts – link to create new post

To create a new post in the WordPress iPhone App:

  • Click on your WordPress website to login
  • Click on the ‘+’ on the top right corner
Wordpress iphone app 1 Review of the New Wordpress iPhone App WordPress Iphone App – Create New Post

 2.  Wordpress app to create new post

You will get a new post window, where you can enter in your WordPress post information.  This includes:

  • post title
  • WordPress tags, WordPress Categories and post content.
  • At the bottom you will see icons where you can preview your post, attach a file, insert a movie clip or insert a picture
Wordpress iphone app 4 Review of the New Wordpress iPhone App Create new wordpress post in wordpress iPhone app

3.  Adding WordPress Categories to your Post

When you add categories to your WordPress post, you will be sent to another screen where you can select multiple categories to assign your post.  This is awesome!

  • Select the categories for your post by clicking on the category name.
  • You will see a checkbox beside the category name
  • You can select multiple categories to assign your WordPress post.
Wordpress iphone app 2 Review of the New Wordpress iPhone App Assign WordPress post to Multiple Categories in WordPress iPhone App

 4.  Inserting a photo to your WordPress post

Adding an image or video to your WordPress post is easy as clicking on icon at the bottom right of your screen – see image in #2 .  You will then be prompted with the familiar iPhone prompt ‘Add Photo from Library / Take Photo’

Wordpress iphone app 6 Review of the New Wordpress iPhone App Adding an image to your WordPress post from WordPress iPhone app

5.  Entering content in your WordPress Post

It’s pretty easy to type in content to your WordPress post using the familiar WordPress keyboard.  There are the simple formatting options available.  If you want to add your own formatting code, you will have to type that in.  You can enter HTML directly into the window.

Wordpress iphone app 3 Review of the New Wordpress iPhone App Typing Content in your WordPress Post in WordPress iphone app

6.  Preview your WordPress Post in WordPress iPhone App

You can also preview your post when you are creating your post.  Click on the ‘eye’ icon.  If you look at the image in #2, the third icon.  You will see the preview of your post in your safari browser:

Wordpress iphone app 5 Review of the New Wordpress iPhone App Preview post in WordPress iphone App

A few things I found that were a little annoying with the WordPress iPhone App is that:

  • There isn’t any drop down list to add tags.
  • After saving the post as draft in the WordPress app, you will not find it in your WordPress desktop version.  You have to publish it on your WordPress app and then go to your desktop version and change it to draft.
  • Cannot add picture properties like the title, alt tags, captions easily.  Have to type them in manually in HTML code.

This WordPress iPhone App is great for creating posts on the go.  If you have short small posts with minimal formatting, the WordPress iPHone app is perfect.  I will definitely continue to use the this iPhone app.   Next time I have to remember to reduce the size of my pictures.



 Review of the New Wordpress iPhone App


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