Part 3. Pick an Ecommerce Template for your Online Store

I’m creating a new eCommerce Online Store and I chose Wordpress as my platform.  In my previous steps, I’ve already picked my domain name (in Part 1) and configured my webhosting and domain name registrar to point to each other.  My website is also installed with Wordpress with Dreamhost’s one click installs (shown in Part 2).   Now it’s time to pick an eCommerce Wordpress Theme for me to create my Online Store.

125x125 v3

There are many Wordpress Themes to help create an online store but the key features I want are easy of use, WooCommerce enabled, responsive layout, documentation, and theme options.   I created a post of all the Ecommerce WordPress Themes I considered here.  Pick an Ecommerce them that suits your needs and business model.  I went through the whole list and decided I wanted to pick Hudson for my online store.

Hudson Ecommerce WordPress Theme

Hudson Ecommerce Wordpress Theme

If you pick Hudson as well, note that Tesla Themes are raising their theme prices on Oct 10, 2013.  I chose the Standard Theme pack which is $35 – pricing going up to $45 instead of the basic which is $25 – going up to $35 in October.  The Standard Theme pack includes:

  • Access to all themes
  • Unlimited domains
  • Theme updates
  • Technical Support
  • Documentation
  • Video tutorials
  • New themes access
  • PSD Files

So I added the Standard to my cart and looked around for Tesla Themes coupon code to use.  I found a coupon to save me 20% off my shopping cart!  So instead of paying $35 for the first year, I only pay $28 – which is almost the same cost at getting the basic  and the recurring payment is only $35.  I won’t be affected by the price change.  I used the TeslaThemes coupon code: TTPROMO20.  You can visit TeslaThemes.com to see all their Wordpress Themes.

Now all you need to do is login and download the Hudson Ecommerce WordPress Theme.

Next step is to prep WordPress and get it ready to create an online store – Part 4.



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