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Powerful Event Manager WordPress Theme – Fudge

Fudge is a powerful Event Manager Wordpress Theme by Event Manager designed to help you sell tickets at your event.  It’s powerful because this Wordpress Theme contains all the features that you need to create an events website.  When you create your events website with Fudge, you can place your event heading at the top along with a call to action button for people to register for your event.  Then below that are all the event details listed out clear and concise.  First is the time and location of your event and a countdown timer to the start of your event.  If your event spans multiple days, you can list out a timetable of what happens each day.  The timetable displays the time, subject matter and location of the event or speech happening.  Each event time has it’s own page where visitors can see more details about that speech or conference.   The person attending the conference can gain all the details about your event just one on page because it’s designed as a flat single page website.  You can also add speakers, link to Facebook, add a marker in Google maps where your venue is being held, create a photo or video gallery of your upcoming event, allow visitors to purchase tickets to your event, list sponsors and more.  There is so much potential to this events theme, you can create a website for a sporting event, movie night event, music band event, music festival event, business conference event, art gallery event, and so much more.  Click here to see more features of Fudge Powerful Event Manager Wordpress Theme.

Responsive Single Page Events Manager Template - Fudge

Demo Fudge WordPress Theme | Download Fudge WordPress Theme

Powerful Event Manager Wordpress Theme – Fudge

Responsive Single Page Events Manager Template - Fudge

Responsive Single Page Events Manager Template – Fudge

Fudge is a fully responsive single page theme.  You can test the responsiveness by playing around with the demo.  I like resizing the screen to the smallest it can be to see what will happen to the content.  On non responsive themes, you will see that a horizontal scrollbar will show up to indicate you have to scroll left and right.  But for a responsive theme, a horizontal scrollbar will never appear.  The content automatically wraps to fit the viewing screen.  Play around with the and see for yourself.  Other features of Fudge include ability to sell tickets, list sponsors, create a Facebook page, 10 different color schemes, localization support, Social media integrated, social media icons, display twitter feeds, countdown timer and more.  Below are more features of Fudge Events Theme.


  • Stylish event theme to display all the features of your event in one clean page
  • Fully adaptive theme layout which works on all devices
  • Fudge has a powerful mix of advanced event features and funky look
  • Allow you to add and upload large picture to website header
  • Perfect theme design for Conferences, Meetups, Meetings, Annual Events and Festivals
  • Comes with 10 preset color palettes to better express the mood of your event website
  • Sell more tickets by call to action button and highlight important information such as the date and venue of the event
  • Included filterable gallery to quickly display pictures and videos of your event
  • Beautiful performer profile with including social media integration, social media links and in depth bios
  • Easily view details about your schedule such as who is performing, where, at what time and the relevant track
  • Customize your own logo or change the background
  • Fudge has smartphone and tablet optimized theme design
  • Social media integration Such as display Facebook RSVPs, Twitter wall and etc
  • Comes with powerful count-down timer to show how many days left for the event of the year
  • Themes have been completely tested to look good and work properly in all modern browsers
  • Option to show your sponsor logos
  • 7 different language options. English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Russian and Italian
  • Fully SEO (Search Engine Optimized ) friendly theme design
  • Google Map integration with points of interest of your event in an easy to read map
  • Event ended for automatically display a custom made page to let your attendees know that your event has ended
  • Fully localization ready means they can be easily translated into any language
  • Create your blog and broadcast the latest News about your event to your audience
  • Themes are build with latest CSS3 and HTML5 technologies
  • Fudge theme are WordPress 3.6+ version supported

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Responsive Single Page Events Manager Template - Fudge

Demo Fudge WordPress Theme | Download Fudge WordPress Theme



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