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Registered Users Submit a Weblink

If you setup your site that only Registered users can submit a weblink you will an encounter error.  Once a user logs in and clicks on that menu item to submit a weblink they will get an error that says:

” You are not authorised to view this resource.”

Problem: I’ve tried 2 different scenarios and still get the same error:

  1. Created a menu weblink item and only viewable by Registered users
  2. Changed the Menu weblink item to be viewable by Public, changed the weblink menu module to be registered only.


  1. In the backend find the file: /Components/com_weblinks/views/weblink/view.html.php
  2. Find the line: if ($user->get(‘gid’) < 19)
  3. Replace it with: if ($user->get(‘gid’) < 18)

Refresh your page and log in as a registered user.  You will be able to see the submit weblink menu item and a form to submit a weblink.

  1. Kalpana

    Registered users want to submit file and need to view the list of submitted files under My account, how to achieve this?

    Thanks & Regards
    Kalpana S

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